Anna Luebke - Jul 18, 2011
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Mexicans are proud of many things, but if there is one thing that stands out for them, it is their national drink. Especially U.S. tourists seem to like it and the number of tequila-induced visits is increasing.

Mexican tourism has been struggling in recent years. However, thanks to growing popularity of tequila, the situation is improving. American tourists have been falling for the magical drink and tourism seems to be picking up considerably.

The ‘Ruta de Tequila’ attracts most attention and the easiest way to explore it is to fly out to nearby Guadalajara. The route takes visitors to municipalities of El Arenal, Amatitan, Magdalena and Teuchitlan and features not only important tequila distilleries, but also sites of archaeological importance. The area has recently been named a World Heritage Site.

Several premium kinds of tequila are produced there, especially in the state of Jalisco. El Tesoro, Don Julio, Don Pilar as well as very popular 7 Leguas and Patron are made there too. Not many tequila-producing companies are open to tourists and only the latter two are available for appointments. However, massive ones like Sauza and Cuervo are hard to miss. Mundo Cuervo specifically is one of the most striking and impressive distilleries.

The Tequila Express was also created to help promote tourism in the area and it has become so popular, it is only available when booked at least one month ahead. It can only take 68 travelers from Guadalajara to the Tequila village.

The most appropriate time for a visit is at the end of November during the National Festival of Tequila. Main distilleries come to present their unique tequila brands. Visiting local Museum of Tequila will also be relevant for those who wish to learn more about the history of tequila making as well as those who created it.

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