Chris Grad - Mar 4, 2008
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Snow is a blessing. It offers endless possibilities to anyone who does not mind to get a bit cold or wet. The range of winter sports and snow-oriented activities is very diverse. Downhill and cross-country skiing belong to the more traditional kinds; heli-skiing, snowboarding or ice-climbing present the more risky ones. There is yet another very attractive activity one can combine with his sport of choice: dog-sledding.


There are several destinations where dog-sledding is not only a fun activity to indulge in during the weekend but has a long-term deep-rooted tradition.  In Alaska, it presented the only way of some sort of fast travel for centuries. Each year, adventurers gather here to participate in the extremely challenging Iditarod Trail Sled Race; it takes the contestants through the most beautiful areas known to men, however also the most cruel and dangerous. The trail is 1,150 miles long and the terrain is tremendously desolate. Those who actually manage to go all the way through become true heroes.


Those, who wish to at least get a tiny taste of such life, may visit Girdwood, Alaska. Here, dog-sled tours are available all year around. In fact, the founder of the Chugach Express is a 9-time veteran of Iditarod trail and thus tourists may even get a unique chance to ride with dogs that have run the big race as well. Seward, Alaska is one of the other great places where the tours are run – the adventure package at the Godwin Glacier Dog Sled Tours even includes a helicopter ride as part of the deal.


Alaska is not the only US state offering the exciting opportunity to try this appealing activity. Wintergreen Dog Sled Lodge in Minnesota or Krabloonik Dog Sled Rides in Snowmass, Colorado are also perfect places to spend an unforgettable dog-sledding vacation.

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