Alec Hills - Dec 4, 2007

Going on holiday can of course be the most pleasant experience for many people. It represents a time to relax and escape from the burdens of work. However, the relaxation often starts when the passengers step out of the aircraft at the airport of their destination. The reason for this delayed relaxation is the amount of stress caused to passengers at airports before they set off. There are endless complications about security, delays, mistakes and losses of luggage, especially at the American airports where the security measures and treatment of passengers are very harsh. However, there are 5 golden rules for passengers to avoid such complications and, basically, start their holiday early.


The first rule is to pack well and according to the law. For example, although it is common sense that items such as lighters, knitting needles, scissors and other sharp instruments are not allowed in luggage, few know that they are mostly allowed in the hand luggage. However, seemingly innocent objects such as gel shoe inserts and snow gloves are strictly forbidden on the board. Knowing these details can save unnecessary delays at check-in points and help eradicate delays.


Secondly, it is important to leave the car at home wherever possible. This will, in turn, save time on parking at airports and will destroy the possibility of passengers being delayed due to the lack of parking facilities.


Thirdly, it is important to be early when arriving at the airport in order to avoid unnecessary stress. Most airlines have clear instructions on their websites indicating at what time passengers should arrive to check-in desks.


The fourth golden rule of airport usage is to know the options of checking-in. Sometimes it is possible to check-in using the internet as long as your clothes can be crammed into your hand luggage. This is also a time saving method as airlines tend to bump passengers who check in last.


Finally, be prepared for security measures. This involves taking metal objects out of your pockets before reaching the detector and being prepared to take off your shoes and coat if required. All of these measures are aimed at reducing stress and saving time at airports in order to avoid situations such as last year in the US, where 40% of all flights were delayed.


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