Daniel A. Tanner - Feb 11, 2013

In airline circles, it has been known for quite some time that Air France was working on a new regional airline called "HOP!" Now it is official – as a 100 percent subsidiary company of Air France, HOP! will have a fleet of 98 airplanes (48 – 100 seats) and offer 530 flights a day to 136 destinations (32 of them within France), including Vienna.

The goal is to finally lead the way among low cost airline competitors with a strong product. Air France is counting on a break-even of HOP! by 2014, at the latest 2015. The sales expectancy in the short fiscal year lies at 900 million Euro at an expected loss of 30 million Euro. Around 3,000 employees (on board and ground) will be on the HOP! payroll. The minimum tariff BASIC amounts to 55 Euro one-way including taxes. What ranks higher is BASIC PLUS and MAXI FLEX. The advertising slogan is „Rendre l'Europe plus petite“ (Making Europe smaller). HOP! flights will also be integrated into the frequent flyer program "Flying Blue".

After the start of HOP! on March 31st, 2013, Air France will operate based on three pillars: Air France, HOP! and Transavia France. Air France will serve the short- and medium-haul routes which have command over a high ratio of Business travelers and with those long-distance network from Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) will be filled. In addition to that, there will be flights from and to the regional hubs of Marseille, Toulouse and Nice.

HOP! will take over the point-to-point connection from and to Paris-Orly, the inland network as well as from and to CDG.

The leisure activities lie in the responsibility of Transavia France, with flights in Europe and in the Mediterranean area of Paris-Orly and regional airports.

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    I purchased a ticket from Strasbourg to Amsterdam and at that time paid 15€ to check a bag. (0 luggage allowance)

    Fast forward two months and it is time to check in and their website says I have 0 luggage spaces reserved, so I pay AGAIN for a checked bag.

    At that point their system charged me 45€ !!! because it was my "second" bag. There was absolutely no way to fix this online and their website only offered a form for contact.

    I checked in at Strasbourg and went to the Air France desk to ask about a refund since the website was so misleading. The gate agent said she could do nothing and said my only recourse was to use the website contact form. She indicated

    Chris (USA)

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