Kevin Eagan - Jan 9, 2007

Are you a diving enthusiast? Do you enjoy exploring and discovering sites never visited before? Well, Con Dao is the number one place to go!


The archipelago consists of 14 islands and is located some 180 km off the south-east coast of Vietnam. From the historical viewpoint, Con Dao used to have a very negative reputation as both the French and Americans used it as an important prison base. However, these times are over and now, Con Dao is considered to be a rare eco tourism site.


The islands became environmentally protected in 1984 and were officially pronounced a national park in 1993.


The precious coral reefs extend over an area of 1000 hectares and are home to cca 1300 marine species. Who wouldn’t be tempted to explore the rich sea life in these areas, knowing that the whole area is still largely undiscovered? The only diving operator, Rainbow Divers, is located on the Con Dao Island and offers a great many diving tours exploring the coral reefs.


Another popular attraction present the hawksbill turtles that come to nest here all year around; the peak season is between June and September.


Once you step ashore you may chose to explore the charming landscape variety of these islands. The contrast is truly an experience…from dense tropical forest to prominent mountain peeks and deep valleys. The flora in the Con Dao archipelago is precious as well. 900 plant species are known to be found here, out of which 44 were first discovered here!


While taking a guided walk you may come across the endemic Black squirrel, several kinds of rare birds or the curious macaque monkeys. Local sea grass meadows support a small population of globally endangered Dugong.


The most precious aspect of the Con Dao archipelago is its pure, unspoiled beauty. Local population doesn’t exceed 5000 and you are welcome to join the exploration of an almost undiscovered world.


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