Joe McClain - Mar 24, 2014
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Flights between the UAE and the Russian capital provide a vital link for thousands of passengers and Etihad Airways are planning to expand their Abu Dhabi-Moscow service significantly from the summer of 2014.

Continued growth means more flights and better options for UAE and Russian passengers.

The decision to expand the service between Abu Dhabi and Moscow's Domodedovo airports makes a lot of sense because it will benefit the large number of passengers that have enjoyed the service since 2008 – an estimated 400,000 – and it will offer the chance to build upon the profits and impressive growth that the route has recently enjoyed. 2013's end-of-year reports showed double-digit growth for the fourth year running, with passenger numbers climbing 36% compared to 2012, and it is hoped that by doubling flights to twice daily from the start of June (thrice daily from October) these numbers will continue to increase. 

As well as building on the company's success, this venture will also prove advantageous for those locals and Russians that rely on the service and new users that will benefit from the secondary effects of improved connections. There are already strong links between the UAE and Russia, with an approximated 400 joint venture companies and 25,000 Russians calling the UAE home, and this means there needs to be strong transport links for those travelling on business and residents visiting loved ones. This increased service between Abu Dhabi and Moscow is set to provide that by using its Airbus A320 to provide an extra 5,712 seats per week – 672 of which are in business class. On top of this, these increased flights have the knock-on effect of improving connections to other destinations, meaning passengers on either side have better access to multiple destinations such as Bahrain, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Sydney.

Building on success to become the leading operator.

By building this route into a more convenient and regular service, Eithad Airways are sure to build upon their continual growth and customer relationships and maintain their place as a leading UAE airline: once this proposal becomes reality, the airline will provide more direct flights between these destinations than any other provider.

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