James Morris - Oct 21, 2009
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Growing numbers of tourists are getting bored by holidays that offer nothing more than lying on the beach. According to a consumer, media and market research company Mintel, the current trend is towards holidays including educational factor.




Focusing on the Brits, Mintel claims that some 36 per cent of adults regard learning new things about the destination where they stay as an important part of their vacation based on the results of their recent survey. Some 59 per cent of respondents claim they have visited a museum while on holiday and 20 per cent of tourists stated they enjoyed learning new skills on vacation.


Educational vacation sounds a bit dull but it is not only about visiting museums, galleries or concert halls. You can learn many new skills while on holidays. According to Mintel, 11 per cent of tourists have learned a game or sport, 9 per cent have studied a language and some 13 per cent of them learned some different new skill while on holiday.


Language learning while on vacation is actually very popular, as 27 per cent of adults would like to learn a language while on holiday. Some 24 per cent of tourists would like to learn a different skill. The skills that are very popular among the education thirsty tourists are e.g. taking photographs, cooking or dancing. For many it is quite attractive to learn Tango in Buenos Aires or to find out how to cook Vietnamese dishes in Saigon.


We should not omit to mention sports. Golf, surfing and scuba diving are among the most popular activities tourists like to learn while vacationing instead of just sunbathing next to a hotel pool.


This trend naturally creates new business opportunities. Whether you can offer an educational tour of a brewery or teach somebody how to paint, you can perhaps capitalize on this growing trend.


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