Larry Brain - Apr 25, 2022
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They fight against waste, promote responsible consumption and protect their local heritage: five French cities are the first to obtain a label rewarding their actions in favor of sustainable tourism. Many other cities in the country are expected to follow.

Bordeaux, Deauville, Marseille, Nancy and Rennes: are the first five cities to be designated "Innovative and Sustainable Destinations". This new label, created by the France Congrès et Évènements network, rewards cities that commit to sustainable tourism. These actions must be carried out and contracted with local tourism stakeholders: restaurateurs, hoteliers and even... tourists!

To obtain this label, a candidate city must first obtain the international standard "ISO 20121" (events for sustainable development). It must then respect eight predefined challenges: deploying open and transparent governance; reinforcing sustainable mobility; encouraging responsible consumption and fighting against waste; making tourism a driver of inclusion; enhancing the value of the local economy and heritage; mobilizing its resources to encourage sustainable innovation in the tourism sector; involving tourists, professionals and event organizers in the sustainable dynamic; and finally paying specific attention to public safety.

France Congrès et Évènements then listed twenty-six concrete actions that tick off each of these issues. Among them, are the implementation of a sustainable transport offer for tourists, the purchase of environmentally friendly products or the reinforcement of accessibility for disabled visitors.

In addition to the five cities that have already been awarded the label, four are awaiting evaluation: Biarritz, Cannes, Metz and Nantes. The number of "Innovative and Sustainable Destinations" should be increased to twenty-five within the next three years.

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