Gregory Dolgos - Sep 12, 2023
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According to a Braintrust study, the number of travel agencies in Spain will decrease from 9,500 to 6,000 by 2030. However, it's estimated that their revenue will increase significantly, along with their productivity and efficiency.

Experts agree that agencies retain value by offering unique and personalized experiences through various channels.

Based on the study, the direct channel holds a 44% share, higher than the 36% share of the mediated channel. The remaining 20% is divided between specialized platforms and travelers who do not provide feedback. By comparing the data from 2019, we can see that the direct channel's share has increased from around 40% to 44%, while the mediated channel's share has decreased from about 41% to 36%.

Experts highlight the resistance of intermediation against direct sales. Suppliers aim to dominate customer relationships and improve profits using disintermediation strategies.

Senior traveler signs up for direct channels

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, even senior travelers previously loyal to face-to-face travel agents are now taking advantage of direct bookings' convenience and flexibility. With the technological advancements that consumers have been exposed to, the 55+ generation is also gradually shifting towards direct bookings. According to current data, they account for 39.5% of their total travel expenses, as opposed to 41.8% through traditional travel agencies.

However, according to the barometer, package tours are sold mostly through traditional travel agencies, which is still the primary distribution channel for tour operators. Out of all packages sold, 97% are sold through agencies, while 31% are sold digitally.

Moreover, certain areas like hotels and transportation are handled through direct sales. For instance, direct bookings constitute 56% of the total spending in the hotel industry, while intermediaries account for the remaining 44% of the expenditure of Spanish travelers.

Suppliers dominate the field in transportation, with 74% of Spanish travelers booking directly.

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