Theodore Slate - May 4, 2009
The European Cruise Council (ECC) has recently revealed the latest figures which despite the credit crunch reveal a massive increase in the popularity of cruise industry. Last year, an incredible 4,4 million passengers chose an exciting cruise holiday. Cruising industry has been making the headlines lately. Last year brought significant business increase for many cruise line operators and apparently, the credit crunch has not quite reached this branch of holiday making industry. Cruise liners do have one major advantage, which apparently seems to lure many. They may take you anywhere, and offer the all-inclusive luxury of your dreams. Comfortable rooms, diversity of dining opportunities, beauty & therapy centres, gyms, even swimming pools and saunas – and these are just the basics. There are many packages on offer which are designed to meet all possible demands. Whether it is a relaxing holiday soothing both body and soul, or a fun active package for a family of six – cruises do represent an impressive range. During the course of 2008, several operators proudly introduced their brand new cruising beauties. This already suggested that the business was going well. The European Cruise Council recently revealed new up-to-date figures which feature some surprising data. First of all, despite the global crisis, the cruising industry noted a 10% increase in the number of passengers. This means, that an incredible 4,4 million travelers opted for the adventurous holiday on board.The ECC also revealed, that most keen to go on a cruise are holiday makers from the UK – in fact, they are responsible for 33% of the market. Germans are also gradually converting and currently hold 2nd place with some 21% of the total numbers of passengers. Even though one week used to be the length of choice, more and more travelers discover the true beauty and charm of a 3-week cruise.  The question everyone is asking now, however, is whether 2009 will bring more success or rather a decrease in the cruise lining business. The experts remain hopeful. Related: USEFUL TIPS FOR CRUISING BEGINNERSCRUISE: THE GROWING POPULARITY OF USER-GENERATED CONTENTTRAVELLING VS. CREDIT CRUNCH: THE SURPRISES OF 2009


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