Joe McClain - Jun 17, 2008

Yemen is a very interesting, often mentioned country. However, it is rather poor, and desperately in need of a better, well functioning economy. Even though it has much to offer, the current political situation in the area does not allow its reputation to improve substantially. There are plenty of ancient sites which the tourists long to see yet recent numerous al Qaeda-initiated attacks basically put a straight end to any tourist flow or even initial innocent contemplations to visit Yemen.


On the other hand, Yemen still has one great attraction – Socotra. Socotra is a remote and very unique island which is not used to crowds of tourists at all. Some 6 million years ago, Socotra got separated from the mainland, and ever since, the life has been developing its own way. According to scientific research, there are 700 species of plants and animals which are not to be found anywhere else on the planet.


In fact, Socotra found itself back in the spotlight when its name appeared on the shortlist of the recent New Seven Wonders of the World. Also, it was named the ‘New York Times travel destination of the year 2006’.


There is only one airport on Socotra. Locals are quite unused to receiving any attention from the outside world and thus anyone who arrives here is likely to draw a lot of attention. The great tourist potential of Socotra are its numerous wonderful beaches. They are completely untouched, unspoilt.


The local way of life is very simple; no industry, not much agriculture, no quarrels or fights. Socotra is in its own way a striking place – not particularly booming with night life, yet a welcome haven of peace and quiet.

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