Vanderlei J. Pollack - Jul 23, 2012
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Liverpool has never let go of Beatlemania, and fans of the Fab Four still love to drop in on the legendary Cavern Club, or to take a trip to the houses where John Lennon and Paul McCartney grew up. Now those fans have a new vehicle for their interest. Quite literally, too, for this is none other than a yellow submarine made famous by one of the band's best-loved songs.

This is, in fact, a hotel, decked out to appear just like the sub seen on the record's front cover. It is moored in Liverpool's Albert Dock, and is surely the ultimate Beatles experience.

The "submarine" started life as a canal boat, but these days it features three bedrooms and a psychedelic lounge – equipped with a scooter from the movie Quadrophenia, no less. The rooms aren't basic, either, with 3D TV and wifi among the comforts on offer.

Alfie Bubbles, the man behind the "yellow submarine" hotel, started out with a Batman-themed floating hotel in the same city. Dubbing it a "moat-tel", he quickly achieved success, with the Joker-inspired boat already pulling in plenty of international guests.

He bought his second boat from Paramount Pictures, that had used it in The Hunt for Red October, the popular thriller starring Sean Connery. Mr. Bubbles then spent nine months on the look-out for suitable Sixties-style features with which to transform the boat into the "submarine".

Despite the success of what some have called the "Merseyboat", he's not intending to rest on his laurels. Mr. Bubbles says that he intends to open further floating hotels – Black Pearl, based on Pirates of the Caribbean and even – perhaps a rather surprising choice – Titanic.

The "yellow submarine" is a unique place to stay, but it's not for those without deep pockets. Rooms aboard the Fab Floater will cost anything from £149 to £350 per night, with the most expensive rates being charged at weekends.

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