Bill Alen - Nov 30, 2009

The only Slow Island in the world can be found down under. The island lures visitors all year round thanks to the subtropical climate, nice beaches and pleasant atmosphere.




North Stradbroke Island is a popular tourism destination located just some 30km south east of Brisbane City. The Island boasts with beautiful sand beaches and relaxing atmosphere. It is actually the world’s second largest sand island. North Stradbroke Island is inhabited by approximately 3,000 people who live in the island’s three cities of Dunwich, Amity Point and Point Lookout.


In 2004 the island has been declared the world’s first Slow Island emphasizing the importance of peaceful relaxation, tranquillity and charm which are being embraced here by the locals. So far there are many slow cities all around the world and since the 2004 declaration also a slow island. Those responsible for the declaration hope it will help to draw attention to the island’s environmental problems. Local environment suffers from sand mining but also e.g. from the use of 4-WD vehicles.


The island has lots to offer to tourists. Except of its “slowness”, which is a positive quality offering visitors the possibility to slow down and enjoy the uniqueness of the island, there is a number of activities a visitor may get engaged in. They can enjoy the somehow problematic 4WD tours, go diving or play golf.


The Stradbroke Island has a number of natural beauties. Tourists interested in this kind of experience may e.g. go bird watching. Although the island is well known for the richness of local fauna, there is only one National Park so far, the Blue Lake National.


Last but not least visitors may enjoy swimming, surfing, sailing, sea kayaking or fishing. Tourists can also watch the animals living in sea like e.g. whales, dolphins or manta rays. The subtropical climate makes the island a pleasant and sunny tourism destination for the whole year.







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  1. I have heard about the slow movement many time but still don't get it. What's the point? If I want to enjoy some destination I will spend there as much time as I want and who is there to state this was too quick or too slow?


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