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People traveling by subway every day to work know very well how annoying it is when crowds of other passengers are pushing and struggling to get where they need. Sometimes however you have no other option but go through the crowded stations. presents the list of the most crowded subway stations around the world.

10. Hong Kong

The Hong Kong subway gets about 1.44 billion riders annually. It is the most efficient and cost effective subway. It has also enhanced safety for riders and this makes it a popular option for commuters.

9. Paris

The Paris subway system gets about 1.52 billion riders. Gare Saint-Lazare is considered one of the busiest in the whole of Europe. Despite the congestion, this station is popular among artists and it has been featured on famous works by Monet, Gustave Caillebotte and Edouard Manet.

8. Mexico City

Mexico’s subway system gets about 1.61 billion rides each year. The city’s highways and roads tend to be congested and the subway offers some relief to commuters and visitors. However, Cuatro Caminos is the most congested station and it gets over 138,000 rides a day.

7. New York City

New York City gets about 1.65 billion riders every year. Over 195,000 of them go through Times Square on an average workday. Times Square is the most overcrowded station in the city out of 468 stations. Grand Central is a favorite among New Yorkers even if they complain about the crowded trains. Being on the subway almost seems like a hobby for New Yorkers.

6. Guangzhou, China

The city has more than 1.83 billion riders each year and the subway system has become indispensable. The system has 144 stations and it is one of the busiest in the country.

5. Shanghai

2.28 billion riders go through Shanghai’s subway system annually. On March 8, 2012, about 8.48 million riders rode on the Shanghai Metro. This was a record breaking number but it is not surprising because the city is a major tourist attraction with numerous shops along the subway lines.

4. Moscow

Moscow’s subway gets around 2.46 billion riders annually. The city’s subway system attracts visitors who want to marvel at its beauty. It is made of marble floors and there are several sculptures and mosaics in the stations. Kievskaya is considered one of the most beautiful subway stations in the world.

3. Beijing

Beijing gets about 2.47 billion riders a year and it shares the third position with Moscow. The city’s subway system is the longest in the world and it covers 275 miles with more than 225 stations. Riders pay around 32 cents for the train, which makes it one of the most affordable rapid transit in the country. The government subsidies make it possible for the subway system to maintain the low fare. Subway etiquette is a concern in Beijing and there are numerous cases of kids urinating and physical fights in the trains.

2. Seoul

Seoul subway station gets about 2.5 billion riders each year. The city’s underground trains are overcrowded but riders have access to some of the most high tech facilities – cell phone reception, Wi-Fi, TVs, and heated seats. There are elevators and escalators in the stations and an area set aside for art. Another attraction is that the train fare starts at $1.

1. Tokyo

Tokyo subway has more than 3.1 billion riders each year. According to the Guinness World Records, Shinjuku is the busiest subway station in the world with about 3.64 million passengers every day. There are 200 exists and about 10 separate lines that use the station. It is also considered the most complicated train station.

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  1. I think the number listed for Tokyo (1.3 billion)must be incorrect. Perhaps it is 3.3?

    Steve Adelsman (USA)
  2. Yes, you are right, sorry for the error. It is corrected now.

    Editor (United Kingdom)

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