Denise Chen - Mar 1, 2010
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Laws are necessary for every community. They usually protect people from villains and make them feel safer. When traveling around the world however you might discover that there are some laws that seem to have the only purpose of making people angry. brings you the top ten of the strangest laws named by Travel+Leisure.

10/ No Strolling in Bathing Suit


Lying on the beach in swimsuit in Grenada is all right. However, be careful and take something else on during your shore excursion. Wearing nothing else than swimsuit is allowed only on beaches. The penalty for wearing only a swimsuit in the town is in theory $270 but the local tourism board states the law has not been really been enforced.

9/ Driving with Headlights Off

Denmark, Czech Republic

In Denmark and in the Czech Republic you must always have the headlights of your car on, no matter how sunny it is. This law is strange but it also isn’t so unreasonable. The studies have found that other drivers are more aware of surrounding vehicles when other cars’ lights are on, thus reducing accidents.

8/ Stopping and Walking on the Autobahn


Running out of gas on highway is in fact illegal in Germany. And your trouble snowballs from there because walking on the autobahn is illegal too. So if you stop because running out of gas you will pay $100 fine, then another $100 for walking. So be careful and do not run out of gas.

7/ No Feeding of Pigeons


It is forbidden to feed pigeons in Venice, Italy. This law has at least some logic. The pigeons poop simply pollutes the buildings. So to be caught on St. Marco Square feeding pigeons can cost you $50-60, but be careful, sometimes the fines can reach up to $600.

6/ Paying in Pennies


One would say money is money but this seems not truth in Canada. It is illegal to pay in pennies there. Canada’s Currency Act of 1985 sets out the guidelines for how coins should be used. This Act includes reasonable limits for the shelling out of endless coins. What is reasonable has nobody defined though. How many coins are too many? There is no penalty for paying in coins but the shopping assistant has the right not to sell his/her goods for your pennies.

5/ No Driving of Dirty Cars

Moscow, Russia

In Moscow watch the filth-factor of your car or you might get a fine. How dirty is dirty? Illegible license plate? That is unfortunately unclear. Anyway be careful or prepare up to $100 for possible penalty.

4/ No Public Eating during the Ramadan

United Arab Emirates

If you travel to the United Arab Emirates during the month of Ramadan, be careful. Eating in public in the daylight can cost you more money that you expected. You can even end up in jail like two British tourists who violated this rule and were put to jail for three weeks. Another tourist had to pay $275 for drinking juice in the public.

3/ No Kissing at Train Stations

France, England

According to many 1910 is the year when romance died at French railway stations. Since then kissing is prohibited on the platforms by law. This law should prevent train delays, and since there is no penalty for this ‘crime’, you can only be politely asked to leave the platform and go to the kissing zone near the car park. Ridiculous? The British liked the idea as well and introduced a kissing ban at the Virgin Trains station in Warrington Bank Quay, in northwest England.

2/ Driving Shirtless


It is very tempting to take off your shirt while driving your car or motorbike in the tropical heat in Thailand. Be careful though – you can pay $10 for such refreshing experience!

1/ Chewing Gum


Chewing gum, feeding birds, spitting, and not flushing public toilets can get you in trouble in Singapore. This law has a purely esthetic reason. It is not nice to walk on sidewalks full of gum wads, bird droppings, and it is not very pleasant to use an unflushed toilet. The infamous gum law loosened up in 2004 and a Nicorette is now legal, but you have to get it from your doctor and the doctors take down names of all patients using this special gum.

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  1. Driving with headlights off

    Canada has the same law for safety reasons. Headlights automatically go on in Canadian cars when you start your car.

  2. Unbelievable

    Sacre Bleu The Princess Buttercup and I won't be living in France or England, it looks like.


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