Kevin Eagan - Sep 4, 2007

Dubai can offer plenty of delights to tourists. It is a great place for shopping as well as for spa going. In fact, the city competes spa-centric destinations as Las Vegas and Scottsdale. It is a really multicultural environment as in the Dubai emirate is inhabited by people of some 120 different nationalities. This multiculturalism is reflected in a wide offer of spa services and techniques.


There are many spas in Dubai, nevertheless the city continues to develop really fast. There are new real estates being built every moment.  Among the interesting spas is for example the Spa at the Ritz Carlton that offers a Balinese experience. The treatment rooms are Bali-decorated. The customers can observe numerous small bowls filled with ingredients including almond oils, rice powder and freshly grated ginger and mashed cucumber. These are for the Balinese Bureh, which is traditional Balinese home remedy and is also used to keep the body warm in the cooler areas of Bali.


What is interesting about spas in Dubai is the fact that there are males and females strictly separated. Local laws do not allow women to be with men who are not their husbands and therefore there are special areas for men and for women. A male customer will have male therapist and a female customer will be massaged by a female therapist. Some spas go even further and they offer services for “ladies only”. For example at Assawan Spa, the left-hand side of the Arabic-designed facility is for gents, the right side is for women.


Another popular spa is at the Willow Stream on the ninth floor of The Fairmont hotel. This spa shares the floor with large gymnasium and swimming pools. There is also the Bacchus Italian restaurant. To mention other cultures there is e.g. Chi Spa at the spectacular Shangri-la Hotel where they offer traditional Chinese treatments.


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