Dan Rang - Aug 21, 2007
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Wine is one of the most popular beverages worldwide; it is a fantastic export article and many countries compete to prove theirs is the best. Numerous tourists that come to Australia, Chile, France or Italy do not intentionally plan their visits according to the quality of local wine; on the other hand, the number of wine devotees seems to be growing and thus wine tasting trips and holidays are becoming a very attractive and unusual option for holiday makers.


The great aspect of visiting wineries is their unique location. Usually, the beautiful surroundings themselves may satisfy demanding tourists. Though, tasting the local wine and delicious culinary specialties turns out to be the much desired bonus of such trips. Once in a specific region, tourist may choose to visit large wineries, which are likely to be overcrowded and less personal than the smaller ones. Also, in places that are less touristy, the visitors are presented with much more attention, and may even get the chance to meet with the owner himself; he is – after all – the specialist who knows everything about the region, the process of wine making and wine itself.


Wineries are all over the world. In the U.S., California is the top destination for wine travel. Most popular are the wineries in Napa, though the Paso Robles region (midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles) is on its way to the top of the list. There are nearly 200 wineries in this region so the possibilities are almost endless when one’s holiday time is always limited.


If the wine tourists are willing to travel far to satisfy their longings, New Zealand, namely the South Island, is the perfect destination. The Marlborough regioniHt has an amazing wine reputation. Italy is also famous for its wine. Even though Tuscany is highly praised, Piedmont is a great place to visit.


The choices are endless, Australia, France, and South Africa - all depends on the preferences of the wine fans. A great aspect of wine holidays is the fact that the visits to wineries and the tasting are free.

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