Gregory Dolgos - Jan 21, 2013
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Wikipedia has been the first resource to check for a lot of people when it comes to encyclopedia information. Because of this success, the creators of Wikipedia are launching another site that will concentrate on giving people travel guide information. Wikivoyage will give reviews on the most traveled areas in the world.

The collaborative efforts of people around the world that made Wikipedia successful will create entries for this new site that will have review guides from Disney World to unknown cities such as Diyarbakir – which is one of the most populous cities in Turkey. The site will be in direct competition with established guidebook publishers such as Fodors, Frommers and Trip Advisor.

Initially the bulk of the information for this new travel site will be a compilation from Wikitravel. However, as time goes on the collaboration of writers will give updates from an unbiased point of view of various points of interest.

Wikivoyage premise is to make it a first point of research for the traveler that wants to visit a particular place in the world. The power of the referral stands the test of time when it comes to validating whether or not a place is worth traveling to. But using this website to initially find out about the amenities and what the dining and tourist spots are in a city or country that is new to the traveler can be quite informative.

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