Chris Grad - Mar 9, 2009
Changes in the French tourism scene are now a regular occurrence. Tourist organisations in France provide information on how to cope and use the changes.France is the ultimate tourism haven. It is way ahead of Spain in the list of the world’s most popular tourism destination for foreign visitors and has often been at number one.  Indeed, Paris received 35 million visitors last year from abroad, far more than many of its European and global rivals. The romance, the cuisine, the ambiance and the flair attract tourists from almost everywhere and there is no sign of the impressive figures drastically dropping because of the crisis. Although the neighbouring European countries are bracing themselves for the full effects of the global financial crisis, France is coolly making improvements to its tourism sector in order to maintain a stable structure.Firstly, as in many European countries now, French restaurants and bars have become smoke-free. This is certainly an incentive, if ever anybody needed one, to taste the gastronomic glories of France. The French are considered to be the best cooks in the world. In terms of travel, tourists are now advised to book their TGV tickets in advance. As the trend towards green travel increases on a global scale and the TGV services improve, the trains are becoming more crowded, leading to passengers needing to book beforehand.On a less pleasant note, the Notre-Dame cathedral has changed its rules about attire and has now banned visitors wearing shorts from entering the whole area. This is certainly worth bearing in mind during the summer months when one may become sensitive to this rule.  Related: THE MAGICAL WORLD OF PERFUMES RE-OPENED


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