Alec Hills - Mar 27, 2007

Business people travel more and this trend will continue. American Express Business Travel"s "Loves and Hates" Survey 2007 showed some interesting facts. They have surveyed 500 European business executives and learned that the three most important things for business travelers are: reliability (99%); safety (96%); and airline security (94%). Cost was sixth on the list. These days, business travel is no longer considered an important symbol of status. In fact only 14% of respondents said they consider status to be a positive aspect of business travel. Business people find that experiencing different cultures and meeting new people more important than status. According to David Herrick, Vice-President and head of business travel for American Express Business Travel Europe: “...it’s interesting to note the emergence of the culture hungry traveler, who not only values travel as an enhancement of their working life but also craves the cultural experiences and understanding - something which can sometimes prove invaluable in our global business environment.” The survey also showed that business people do not really miss facilities like gyms in hotels. The most hated things were dirty bathrooms (66%), uncomfortable beds (63 %) and bad odours (63%). Business people would appreciate the opportunity to take their family with them on business trips.



Safety is very important for many travelers when on a business trip. Nowadays, there are private firms helping with this issue. "Car accidents, diving into swimming pools and excessive alcohol consumption - which often results in falls from hotel balconies - are the most common causes of death," says Mark Hide of Planetwise, a UK company that offers safety courses to business travelers. Another company, South Africa"s Red24, is offering 24-hour security advice if a traveler feels in danger. Such businesses are popping up and offering various courses or services to help travelers in difficult situations.


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