Justin N. Froyd - Dec 19, 2006
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Seeing a giant whale from a close distance is an extraordinary experience that simply takes your breath away. Whale watching industry has been experiencing quite a boom in the last decade in 40 countries and Antarctica.



As a commercial activity whale watching was launched in 1955 in North America along the southern coast of California. Here, every autumn thousands of whales migrate from Alaska"s Bering Sea to warm waters of Mexico Baja Penninsula to raise their young there. A weeklong cruise “Whales and Wildlife” offers an unforgettable experience, the tourists are welcome on board anytime between December and March.



Another destination is the Norwegian Tys Fjord where several hundred killer whales, also called orcas, come to follow schools of spring herring. ORCA TYSFJORD is among the the most respectable whale watching operators in the world. You may join any of the scheduled trips or arrange an individual one for a smaller group any time that suits you best. The whole package includes slide shows and talks on killer whales, preceding the departure on safari boats. The most adventurous tourists get an opportunity to dive together with orcas!



Another operator, Norwegian Coastal Voyage offers a six-night “Killer Whale Safari”. After the first night spent in Tromso, their clients go on a one-night cruise to Svolvaer in the Lofoten Islands, where they are lodged in traditional fisherman"s cabins on stilts. There whale watchers take a tour of Tys Fjord and have two options – either observe the animals from a rubber dinghy or snorkel with them.

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