Vanderlei J. Pollack - Jun 17, 2024
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The future is here: at some spas, guests are being treated by massage robots, service robots are clearing dishes, and cleaning robots are tidying up the spa area. Surprisingly, guests are very open to these new technologies. The question is, are the hoteliers in the wellness tourism industry ready for this change?

A recent Wellness Hotels & Resorts survey, which included over 1,770 participants and more than 100 wellness hoteliers, found that guests highly accept technology. Nearly half of wellness vacationers are open to automated spa offerings such as massage chairs and hydrojets.

High Technology Acceptance

Although guests are open to technological innovations, many hoteliers must be more confident. Only a few hotels have used robots to ease the burden on employees so far. However, with the shortage of skilled workers and the high expectations of guests, integrating such technologies could be crucial for the future of wellness hotels. The discussion about 'high tech versus high touch' has been a constant topic in the wellness tourism industry for over 20 years. Real human interaction will remain fundamentally crucial in the future. At the same time, we must also be prepared to accept new things and think in new ways. The intelligent technical solutions that exist today have the potential to efficiently support employees and provide guests with added value (e.g., through unique diagnostic solutions). Experts are confident that the market will regulate itself here, as is often the case.

Individualization as the New Standard

The wellness tourism industry is witnessing a shift from standard offerings to personalized experiences. Guests now expect tailored interactions, from pre-stay communications to post-stay follow-ups. More than half of the surveyed guests value personalized newsletters, and three-quarters are interested in customized offers that meet their individual needs. Furthermore, 70 percent of guests seek on-site information that aligns with their personal interests. This trend underlines the importance of understanding and meeting individual guest preferences.

Tailor-made Wellness and Health Offers

The trend towards individualization is not limited to guest experiences but extends to health services and therapies. Over half of those surveyed prioritize personalized application plans based on fitness and health analyses. Younger guests, in particular, value modern analysis tools and personal health trackers. While the 50+ generation relies on personal interviews about their medical history, 56 percent of those aged 50 and under prefer innovative analysis tools. Hoteliers who quickly recognize and implement these trends can inspire their guests in the long term and secure a strong position in the market.

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