The Greatest Photo Tour in the World

Laura Maudlin - Apr 22, 2011

Two weeks flying across the Australian Outback in a private plane, guided by your on-board photographic expert and visiting the most photogenic destinations makes for one great journey.

Think wildlife adventures, sunrise landscapes, indigenous people, remote tented camps and the magnificent rock at Uluru. It would take three months to see most of it by road, and some places don't even have a road. From the Red Centre, to the Kimberley Coast, to the wetlands of Kakadu.

This flying adventure is limited to just 8 photographers, making the greatest photo tour in the world one of the most exclusive as well. Everything is included with this tour, and nothing is overlooked. Welcome to the flying photo tour of Australia.

The Expertise

The aviation and operations are handled by Air Adventure Australia, an experienced team that have been flying tours around the country for over 30 years. The photography is guided by award-winning travel photographer Ewen Bell, who has been running photo tours and shooting images for nearly a decade. The combination is perfect, with the ability to land on remote air-strips and cattle stations and spend the best times of the day with Australia's most iconic scenery. In the air, the flying time is limited to short hops of two hours or less, and on the ground, a combination of private transfers, comfortable lodging and plenty of good wine keeps the travelers feeling cared for.

The trip covers wildlife in the Top End, landscapes of the Red Centre and still-life in the Kimberley. And much much more. Aside from your own plane, commercial pilot, guide and professional photographer, the 8 lucky travelers also get a tailor-made book on photography designed specifically for this tour to inspire them along the journey. Filled with lavish images and proven wisdom, this book is a unique companion to a unique journey, written by Ewen Bell. The tour has room for just a few people, but the book can be bought online by anyone –but it won't mean quite as much to those folks who don't watch sunset over Coober Pedy with a camera in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other!

A travel experience like this is more than just a holiday; it's a journey with a purpose. Make a few new friends, expand your creative horizons and come home with a remarkable appreciation for the Australian continent. And you'll have the photos to prove it.

The Details

Tour begins on June 4, 2012

14 Days fully inclusive of meals and activities

Price per person is $15,990

Need Something Special?

Contact either John or Ewen and we'll do our best to give you some one-off photos for your exclusive use, a few quotes to make the story your own or perhaps a page or two of editorial if you want some details on what a fabulous trip we had in the Outback when we ran the tour in May.

Ewen said that it was simply the best photo tour the world that he has ever seen, and he shot some of his most evocative images of Australia. In his own words, “Air Adventure Australia really gets what photographers want, and between the local contacts on the ground and their breadth of experience on where to visit, I couldn't have hoped for a better photographic adventure.”

John Dyer is the man in the air: / 61 408 313 330

Ewen Bell is the fellow with the camera: / 61 438 896 228

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