Tomas Haupt - Sep 30, 2008

Leave the work problems behind and get to know new places, things and people - these are the main reasons for the growing popularity of weekend trips among Germans. In Germany, France is considered a perfect country for such holidays.


Especially because of its rich culture and history France is a perfect location for weekend tourists who can easily and quickly reach their destination by plane or TGV train. Different French regions offer a great variety of possible cultural, historical, gastronomical and natural sites and experiences.


“The weekend travelers want to get as many different experiences as possible in the shortest time possible,” said Karine Lober, marketing director of Maison de la France. ”France with its very distinctive regions and traditions can give these tourists whatever they long for - the best examples are Burgundy, Côte d’Azur or Alsace.”


The travelers can over the weekends visit any region that seems interesting to them and learn various historical and cultural traditions of the country. “In Burgundy, for example, people are naturally interested in the local wine tradition - they visit wine cellars, taste and buy wines. Together with these wine trips, the tourists also discover the historical sights of the region”, explains Lober and adds: “In the Loire Valley, on the other hand, the situation is quite different. Here, people mostly combine nature, beautiful cities and marvels.”


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