Larry Brain - Dec 18, 2007

It can sometimes turn into a mind-numbing struggle, flicking for hours through brochures or searching for days on the internet. Of course, I am referring to arranging holidays and especially the start and finish of most holidays, the flight. Nowadays, there are so many web sites to choose from and so many options available that giving advice on the subject should only be allowed by real experts or those working within the industry. However, even those with a lesser knowledge of the airline industry can point out general ways to avoid paying unnecessary booking fees and paying over the odds for the flights themselves.


Booking fees, usually ranging between $3 and $13, can easily be avoided. The basic advice is to book online. Almost all sites and airlines charge a fee for booking at an airport or for using ther telephone. Admittedly, some sites such as Expedia or Hotwire always offer the booking service for free yet it is always worth watching out for the fee sharks.


The second piece of advice is to be careful about choosing on which days you want to fly. It goes without saying that booking in advance can save you some cash despite the fact that some people believe that waiting for ticket prices to drop is a good idea. This is far from the truth. The most cunning way of saving money is to choose very unpopular dates around popular holiday times. The price differences between, for example, travelling on Christmas Eve and two days before Christmas Eve can be amazing. In fact, travelling on Christmas Eve itself can save you up to half the investment. Sometimes, a matter of hours can cut the price of a ticket by around $500. Many travellers say it is sometimes worth missing out on a Thanksgiving party when the financial gain is so great.


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