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Pickpockets are everywhere and the people they like the most are the tourists, whose wallets are usually full of money to be spent on souvenirs. Where are your handbags and wallets the most in danger? brings the Top 10 of the most dangerous pickpocket places and cities announced recently by TripAdvisor.

1. Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain

Pick pocketing in Las Ramblas can be easily compared to generally practiced and accepted sport such as soccer. So if you want to stay offside or out of field be careful and watch your things!

2. Rome, Italy

The ancient buildings and astonishing cultural and historical buildings draw attention of the tourist. So it is no wonder that Rome is the number two among the top 10 pickpocketing cities. Hundreds of people admiring Trevi fountain or Pantheon are an ideal place for pickpockets to snatch their cameras out of their bags!

3. Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

Crowds of tourists from all over the world crossing Charles Bridge every day – that is the picture of today’s Prague. So before taking picture of the famous Prague castle panorama make sure your camera is in a save place.

4. Madrid, Spain

Chaos, cars, thousands of people in the streets – that is the modern Madrid. All the time you are walking through the narrow Madrid streets you have to careful not to be run over by a car. Pickpockets often use such situation! So pay attention to the cars and also to your bag!

5. Paris, France

Another famous city that tourists love visiting every year. Eiffel Tower and Mona Lisa are not drawing only the tourists but also the pickpockets. So think about it while visiting the French capital. Especially in the metro the travelers should be enormously careful.

6. Florence, Italy

It is no wonder that people admiring the perfect body of Michelangelo’s David don’t pay much attention to their belongings. So be careful even in this beautiful historical city. Otherwise it is very probable you will have the unique opportunity to admire local police station from within, which is not what you really want, is it?

7. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Don’t cry for your wallet in Argentina, might be an alternative name of the world famous song. Don’t mistake friendly locals with overly “friendly” kids and adults who might be interested in nothing else but the contents of your wallet.

8. Amsterdam, Netherlands

It's easy to forget your whereabouts in this city full of fun and the many things to see and do. But don’t be lulled into carelessness by the beauties of the city and the laid-back atmosphere – pickpocketers often take advantage of tourists admiring this enchanting city.

9. Athens, Greece

As in almost every city that attracts crowds of tourists, many people head to the world known sites – including the pickpockets. Acropolis is definitely a must if you travel to Greece – but be careful.

10. Hanoi, Vietnam

Let’s move to Asia. Charming Old Quarter makes Hanoi a very attractive place for tourists. So again pay attention.

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  1. Everyone that I met on my travels had something stolen here

  2. Well, Prague has serious troubles with pickpockets - but I don't think it is much different from any other bigger city.
    Use common sense and you will be safe.

  3. Saying to use common sense is not very helpful! I used common sense, money belt and goodness knows what else and I still had my money, passport, cards etc stolen in Lima, Peru. Pick pockets are experienced, quick and know what they are doing. They cause a lot of distress and expense and having Tourism Review warn people about particular bad places is much appreciated by some of us!!!!! You never know what it's like until it happens to you.

    (United Kingdom)
  4. Another European capital has become extremely risky as it comes to pickpockets. This is Athens!!! BE VERY careful when you visit this city! Watch out for your bags AND your jeweleries!!!

    Gerry (Bulgaria)

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