Dan Rang - Nov 1, 2010

There are numerous travel search engines and online trip planners but very often consumers complain about their inflexibility. On 19th October, a new site called was officially launched and has won considerable praise already.


Planning a holiday or trip is meant to be an exciting, yet often turns into a nightmare. Research suggests that on average, travelers spend up to 7 weeks researching their traveling options and visit approximately 25 websites before making a decision. Such a long and painful process inevitably annoys holiday makers before they even pack their bags. is a new site which promises a quick, easy and flexible solution. It was officially launched on 19th October, though many journalists and bloggers have been testing it for several months. Their feedback is all praise.

What aims to achieve is a comprehensive research which extends the boundaries of one website. In fact, the site is lined to known and established travel sites and businesses such as Expedia, Lonely Planet, Find.Eat.Drink, Foursquare, Yelp and many others. Each visitor may select specifically what kind of holiday or trip they are interested in and are delivered an outline of several trips and suggestions including travel, accommodation, recommended activities, and highlights not to be missed.

A great asset is connection to Facebook or Twitter; the site automatically filters Facebook friends in the destination while Twitter provides a life feed of what is currently going on there. simply delivers and instead of having to laboriously search dozens of sites, all one has to do here is answer a few key questions and click away.

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