Nils Kraus - Mar 8, 2010
V4 countries signed an agreement of cooperation in tourism. In 2010, the four central European countries plan joint promotion of their destinations mainly in Russia, USA, Japan, China, Brazil and India.


The four ministries responsible for tourism in Visegrád Four countries (V4), i.e. the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, signed a new agreement about cooperation in promotion of tourism.  The document signed in February in Budapest includes a new marketing plan of V4 activities in 2010.

According to the Slovak Tourist Board among the target markets for the promotion of V4 this year are the Russian Federation, USA, Japan, China, Brazil and India. In Russia for instance a workshop is planned that will take place in Yekaterinburg. Among other activities are also a B2B road show, a fam trip for Russian tour operators around V4 countries, and e-learning program.

Similar promotion activities are prepared for American tour operators and journalists. In Asia the V4 countries will present themselves at a music workshop in Tokyo and will also participate in JATA in Tokyo, ITB Asia in Singapore and COTTM Beijing. For the first time the region will also launch extensive promotion in India and after a four year break also in Brazil.

The 2010 marketing plan was presented by the representatives of the national tourism boards, namely by SACR, Czechtourism, Magyar Turizmus Zrt. a Polska Organizacja Turystyczna, during a meeting with the state secretaries in Hungarian parliament.

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