Bill Alen - Jun 21, 2010
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A recent travel report conducted in the U.S. reveals that the newest trend setting the course of traveling is resourcefulness. Whoever is considering holiday is much smarter and selective.


Over the first quarter of 2010, Ypartnership LLC together with Harrison Group, a top research and consulting firm, conducted a survey among 2,500 American adults coming from households with an income of over $50,000 a year. The survey ‘2010 Portrait of American Travelers’ focused on factors which influence the holiday choices of Americans at present. The result is no surprise – being smart and resourceful is the new trend.

The recession hit nearly everywhere and especially the year 2009 recorded a decrease in holidays. Traveling became for a temporary period a luxury many chose to omit. However, as time passes, households are learning to become much more practical when planning their holidays.

Travelers invest much more time in researching the best deals, collecting coupons and choosing specialized packages. In fact 63% of respondents admitted that all-inclusive deals appeal to them much more these days. What many travel agencies find a bit stressful for their long-term planning are this year’s favorites – last minute deals. 27% of travelers in 2009 chose a last-minute holiday.

Modern technologies influence the market as well and tourists are very efficient in using smart phones, meta-search engines to make sure they get the best value for their money. Saving is the trend and even though financial responsibility is crucial at times like these, most people agree that a holiday is something they no longer wish to give up.

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