Joe McClain - May 6, 2008

The colorful India is an enchanting country. Its extraordinary cultural heritage has been a strong magnet for those who are fond of history and architecture. The unique character of this country is very powerful. One of the most amazing places in India and an absolute must-see place is Udaipur.


Often dubbed the City of Lakes or Venice of the East, the romantic charm of Udaipur overwhelms visitors as soon as they arrive here. It is one of India’s top tourist destinations and the level of luxury one may get here is very impressive. Some of the world’s most opulent hotels are to be found here.


The accumulated architectonical beauty makes everyone wonder where to actually begin the exploration of this city. The city center is dominated by the Jagdish temple. This magnificent structure was completed in 1651 and is a great tribute to the diverse talent and art of local builders. The City Palace and Pratap Museum belong to the top of the list of the most fascinating buildings in the city. The museum houses a remarkable collection of old sculptures, inscriptions and antique paintings.


Udaipur’s romantic charm is best enjoyed during sunset. It is well worth to take a stroll towards the western part of the city to the Monsoon Palace. Built at the end of the 19th century, it offers the most spectacular vistas over the whole city.


There are several lakes in the Udaipur area as well. Lake Pichola or the Fateh Sagar Lake strike the tourists with their deeply absorbing romantic setting and also offer some amazing views of the city.


Udaipur is easily accessible by air, road and train and thus whoever decides to travel to India shouldn’t have any doubts and include the City of Lakes in their itinerary.


  1. Alappuzha, a district in the state of Kerala is known as 'THE VENICE OF THE EAST', it was given the name by the Portuguese who visited the place in the ancient time


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