Andrew J. Wein - Apr 15, 2008

The United Arab Emirates and China are becoming increasingly interconnected via their business interests. According to the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), stronger trade platforms will be provided to China. The communist country is very important for the UAE. Chinese businesspeople see the DWTC as a key alliance partner if it comes to looking for opportunities in the new markets. In 2007, over one million Chinese business people visited the DWTC venues. Last year the DWTC also hosted the largest congregations of China-based companies in the Middle East – the Global Sources’ “China Sourcing Fair”.


According to Merle A. Hinrichs, Chairman and CEO of Global Sources, the “China Sourcing Fair” in Dubai is meant to offer buyers from the Middle East, Africa, India and the Russian Federation, convenient and easy access to new sources of quality products. Because the last year’s fair proved to be a success the organizers decided to expand it. In fact, it is expected that this year’s fair will be 80% larger than the 2007 one. Experts from new fields will be present at the fair, for example people dealing with fashion accessories and electronics.


The rising number of exhibitors clearly illustrates the increasing demand in the region. According to Director General of the DWTC, the UAE and China have strong trade relations and business partnerships with China exhibitions are a key element that helps to make the relations even stronger as it makes creation of new business partnerships with China easier. Trade between the UAE and China continues to grow significantly and it accounted for approximately $20 billion in 2007.


The stronger ties with China affect also the tourism sector. Growing number of Chinese tourists travel to the UAE. According to the official statistics, 68,000 tourists from China stayed in Dubai from January to September 2007 alone.


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