May 15, 2022
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If you are a New Yorker and want a place to escape from busy streets, traffic, congested public transport and the hum drum of city life? We have a suggestion that is right in New York’s backyard. Here is a quick two-day travel itinerary from New York to the Pocono Mountains.

Tips for a two day trip from New York to Poconos

There are destinations that offer unique adventures and activities in Poconos. Poconos is well known for resorts, holiday homes and lot of cabins vacation homes. So choose your base wisely. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Tobyhanna and Plains are entertainment centers with Camel-beach   Mountain Waterpark, casinos, horse stables and state parks.
  • Stroudsberg is like the beverage capital of Poconos as it has several wineries and breweries.
  • Palmerton is a games and adventure center with river rafting, hall of horror, Lehigh Valley Zoo, etc.
  • Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is the top destination for activities like hiking, fishing, boating, watersports, or any other recreational idea you have in in mind.
  • Lake Harmony is an ideal Lake Vacation destination. There are many resorts, watersports and state park opportunities for you to explore.
  • Blakeslee is the hub for stock car racing, mountain bike trails, water parks and even airplane tours.

Day 1


Morning Suggestion

  • Take a road trip from New York to Poconos. The distance from New York to Poconos is roughly 107 miles, which translates into a two hour drive by car. If you opt for public transport, there are multiple bus lines that travel to-and-fro New York City and Poconos. The best route to travel from NYC to Poconos is along the Interstate 80 (West), where you can enjoy some scenic sights. Start early and arrive early as possible!
  • Arrive at your pre-booked accommodation, drop off your luggage, take a deep breath of the fresh Pocono mountain air- relax.


Afternoon Suggestion

  • Depending on your energy level, you can explore the popular attraction near your accommodation after enjoying a fulfilling meal.
  • Based on the weather, there are numerous kids-friendly, family friendly, and couple friendly activities you can partake in the Pocono Mountains. Take a relaxing scenic train ride if you are anywhere near the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway or browse through the historic sites.


Evening Suggestion

  • Go on a treasure hunt at the local flea market or antique shops. You might also find something of interest at Pocono boutiques, outlet bargain stores, and craft ‘n’ specialty shops.
  • Do you know that the state of Pennsylvania does not impose a sales tax on clothing? So, do take advantage of the shopping opportunities that Poconos has to offer.
  • Poconos is an incredible place, there is just so much to do. It can be difficult to choose between resting and exploring some more. Luckily, we have a solution. After sunset, you can go stargazing. New York’s skies are obstructed by sky scrapers and light pollution, you will be amazed at the view without both those obstructions.
  • There are many fine dining spots and destination in Poconos. They have authentic American cuisines, Mexican and Asian restaurants.
  • At last, we know you are from the city that never sleeps, but you however need to get a good night’s rest for an exciting day ahead of you. Head back to your accommodation and let the calm Pocono weather put you to sleep.


Day 2

Day 2 is all about getting the most out of the trip from New York to Poconos.

Morning Suggestion

  • Try waking up before dawn and catch a glimpse of the sunrise. Freshen up, head out and have a hearty breakfast.
  • Indulge in recreational activities of your choice. Hiking, fishing, boating, horseback riding, biking, history tours, sightseeing or river rafting; doesn’t matter what you want to try. Just pick one and explore it to the fullest.


Afternoon Suggestion

  • Lunch should be on top of your afternoon agenda on day 2 because many activities you choose can extend until the evening.


Evening Suggestion

  • Go back to your accommodation, get some rest, say “until we meet again” to your host, and drive down to the interstate 80.
  • Stop at a restaurant and have an early dinner. Bid a reluctant adieu and head back home.

Note: Choose your accommodation wisely. It should be nearby popular attractions in Poconos. However, if you plan to enjoy a vacation indoors or close to your accommodation, you may choose a vacation home that has tons of activities on the inside, like a Luxury castle at Blakeslee or a mansion or barn house. The choice is yours. Happy Holidays and Cheers!!

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