Wayne M. Gore - Dec 12, 2006

Two twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago are located near the end of the Carribean chain of islands. The republic of Trinidad and Tobago represents an attractive blend of a modern civilization with modern day energy and lifestyle.

The cities are among the most cospomolitan ones within the Carribean, they are flourishing centres of trade and commerce. In striking contrast to the urban aspect of TT (as locals call their state) there are also untouched rainforests, impressive mountains, rolling plains or deserted swamplands.


One of the most popular attractions of Trinidad is hiking, professionally organized by The Pathmaster, locally based eco-outfitter. The target group of the Pathmaster are tourists interested in active nature trails. The Pathmaster offers many adventure activities. They vary in duration (from few hours up to ten days) and level of difficulty (from 1-easy to 5 – extreme adventure). The existing options include kayaking, hiking or cycling, and the adventure enthusiasts may even chose to combine these activities.


Among the most fulfilling experiences there are the trips to Aripo Cave, where visitors may observe famous guacharos, or oilbirds. These unusual birds represent the only nocturnal, fruit-eating avian species in the world. Their squawks are very disturbing; it was once believed they were the otherworldly shrieks of crying dead people.


Another exiting adventure usually takes place between March and August on the Matura beach, the site of the world"s largest nesting colonies of the endangered leatherback sea turtles. Both adults and teens are encouraged to cooperate with the Earthwatch Institute during twelve-day trip to the beach. They collect data and monitor the place during the daylight and at night.


Trinidad"s sister island of Tobago offers one of the best drift diving opportunities in the world. Tourists also enjoy here boating, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing, birdwatching, hiking or horse riding.



While on holiday in TT, don"t forget to try some of local culinary specialities and enjoy the steel band music (also a local speciality). And before your trip is over, make sure you have mastered dances the calypso and soca.


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