Pat Hyland - Jan 27, 2009

The economic crisis is claiming its presence all over the globe and many countries have officially announced to be in recession. Unemployment rate is increasing and people are reluctant to spend their money; it appears that the year 2009 will have only one attribute: the year of saving. Expensive holidays in paradise destinations are likely to become a redundant luxury for most – or that is what one would expect. The reality is very different, though. People are willing to spend less on clothes, put off major purchases – such as new cars – but they refuse to go without their annual vacation.

Especially in the times of crisis, we feel we deserve a getaway. There are some rules, however, which are likely to apply to this year’s holidays. Cruise liners are expected to lure an impressive number of travellers thanks to the very attractive deals and family packages they have been offering. A floating resort which represents a perfect holiday is a strong marketing tool. To become even more competitive, the cruise liners have decided to massively discount their cruises and thus appeal to more travellers. Solo travellers will take advantage as well as families with little children or couples. One price for a whole package is really the winner – especially when the flight ticket is already included.

Booking a package vacation is simply the trend of 2009. There are a few additional aspects of holiday the tourists need to reconsider: visiting a less expensive (less high-profile) destination may offer an unexpectedly better value for money. Furthermore, shortening the trip seems like a very agreeable alternative; many travellers choose to spend ten days instead of 14 on their vacation – less nights, less money spent, but the holiday time still counts.

All together, the numbers of tourists are likely to decrease in the crisis-driven year 2009. On the other hand, it is the bad times that increase our need to escape and forget – and with a little bit of know-how, this year’s holiday may just be the most amazing one ever.


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