Laura Maudlin - Mar 16, 2009
The World Economic Forum has published a report in which it once again assesses the attractiveness of countries’ environments for developing the travel and tourism industry.

The World Economic Forum has published its Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report on March 4. The report’s theme was “Managing in a Time of Turbulence” and it provides important information for tourism industry players as well as information useful to the governments.

The report analyses for example the impacts of oil prices on the tourism industry. One hundred thirty three countries were studied and they were ranked according to their tourism and transport infrastructure and also according to other indicators.

According to the index Switzerland, Austria and Germany are leading the way as the most attractive destinations for developing the travel and tourism industry. They are followed by France, Canada, Spain, Sweden, the United States, Australia and Singapore.

The paper includes a detailed description of advantages and disadvantages of every assessed country. For example Russia ranked as 59th. The country has gained good points thanks to its natural and cultural resources but did badly when it came to ground transport infrastructure and tourism infrastructure. Also safety was an issue because of the high level of crime.

Experts from the World Economic Forum want to create a platform for a dialogue that would ensure the development of strong and sustainable national travel and tourism industries. The index should help governments to identify where to direct their support to help the industry. The current challenge is not only the global economic downturn but also the global warming. The industry becomes more competitive as customers are tightening their budgets and they also become more environmentally responsible. Tourism industry players need to attend to both these problems and create long term plans.   


TOP 10:

1/ Switzerland

2/ Austria

3/ Germany

4/ France

5/ Canada

6/ Spain

7/ Sweden

8/ United States

9/ Australia

10/ Singapore



World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Report Highlights the Importance of Environmental Sustainability


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