Samuel Dorsi - May 13, 2008

During the last several years, there seems to be an exciting competition going on between major cruise line operators; all wish to attract more travelers, each want to rise up above the level of expectation and come up with the ultimate cruising experience for their potential clients. The competition is truly fierce. The ships are getting bigger, better, offering a shockingly large variety of services and even higher levels of luxury. When one may think the improvements can’t go any further, Silversea announced  the launch of Prince Albert II.


Even though this cruise liner is not trying to impress with its size, it definitely surprises with the destinations it is to sail to; initially, Prince Albert II was an expedition vessel which has undergone some major, multi-million-dollar renovation. It’s much expected maiden voyage will start on June 12 this year and it will head for the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard beyond the Artic circle, Iceland and Greenland. During the first season, travelers sailing on board this majestic and luxurious cruise liner will get a unique opportunity to explore the Artic and Antarctica.


Even though the environment will be rather chilling, the interior of Prince Albert will amaze with its warm luxury. Fitness center, a beauty salon, Jacuzzi pools, a library, WiFi internet connection or even a full-service spa are the very welcome touches raising the interest of potential sailing customers. The level of comfort on board is unexpectedly high indeed. An elegant theater or outdoor deck with whirlpools – which so far seemed like a pure fantasy in such freezing setting – are now the Prince’s reality. Silversea thus managed not only to surprise with the extraordinary level of comfort yet more importantly, with the fresh choice of destinations which are now being introduced to the tourists.


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