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Travel to Dublin this summer and celebrate the 250th anniversary of Guinness beer. Visitors can enjoy a number of events all around the city including cooking with beer, beer tasting and of course Irish music.


Join in on the fun this summer as Guinness launches its 250th anniversary celebrations. The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland will host a wide range of events during the months of June, July and August for its visitors to enjoy. Visitors can learn to cook with Guinness beer and of course enjoy a pint while listening to live Irish music. They can even get involved by learning to dance with professional Irish dancers and by becoming an expert Guinness taste tester.


The big celebration will be held on September 24th, aka Arthur’s Day. The party will kick start at St. James’s Gate, at exactly 17:59 – an appropriate time since the business began in 1759. Artists like American singer Estelle and the British band Kasabian will go on stage to wow the crowds. The occasion will be celebrated all throughout Dublin as well. Bands such as David Holmes, Soul II Soul and The Undertones will play in at least 4 other venues in the city. The day will not only be celebrated in Ireland, however. Countries all across the world, including the United States and Great Britain, will also partake in the celebrations.


Arthur Guinness first began his business in 1759 by signing a 9000 year lease on an old brewery in St. James’s Gate. The Grand Canal constructed 2 years earlier helped with the transportation of materials needed for his business. 10 years later, in 1769, Guinness was exported for the first time to England. Now, 250 years later, 60% of the Guinness produced is exported all over the world. As well as becoming a booming business, this Irish staple has made Guinness Storehouse the number one tourist attraction in Dublin, Ireland. Visitors can learn about the five ingredients needed to produce Guinness beer– including Arthur Guinness himself – and learn how to properly taste the beer. They can also learn the history of Guinness’ label changes over the years and learn how to pour their own pint of Guinness.


At the top of the Guinness pint shaped building is the Gravity Bar where visitors can enjoy a great view of Dublin. Here tourists can indulge in their complimentary pint of Guinness while chatting with other tourists. For anyone travelling to Ireland this summer, the Guinness Storehouse should be the first stop on the itinerary!


Photo: Guiness Storehouse


By Vidhi Kumar


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