James Morris - Oct 8, 2017

Clients know travel credit cards services in many countries. Often they think it is only about miles and free vacations. It is not so.
We will discover today what miscellaneous but still attractive services you are offered.

Additional Services Your Travel Card Provides:

Services many people do not pay attention to can greatly help you to economize. Remember, the offers are of great quality all. Travel credit cards offer only excellent services.

  • Travel insurance. Each person knows how costly it can be to buy a good one. The final cost usually depends on coverage and duration of the card. If you collected enough points with a card, you can get it for free. When you evaluate this expenditure at the end of the year you will see, economization is really considerable.
  • Protection of baggage. It values both for delayed luggage and for lost one. The sum of reimbursement depends. Generally, you get approximately 500 dollars for delayed and 3000 dollars for lost luggage.
  • Trip insurance delay is covered. You get reimbursed for unexpected situations. A pay off is quite generous. With a good travel credit card you will omit having unplanned expenses.
  • Get a free insurance for a car rented. It is highly valued by travelers. Avoid paying more.
  • Warranty for your favorite gadgets. Secure your laptop from damages. Have it repaired for free. The warranty is good and covers quite considerable service costs. These and other services you can get absolutely at zero cost.

How to Become Eligible to These Offers?

If you want to receive good bonuses, make sure to

- open the right type of card. Before opening one, read about benefits granted;
- have a good credit history. Bank has to understand it can rely on you;
- build long-term commitment. Banks developed beneficial services for their long-term clients. By that they thank for clients' loyalty.

If you want to have the best offers, you should learn as much as possible. Remember the banking sector continuously develops. It generates more services.
Check regularly updates from the banking sector! Read useful articles. Become a reliable client of a good bank! You will soon find out how great it is to enjoy the benefits banks propose.


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