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Tourists visiting Romania for the first tie have probably heard only about Transylvania and the legend of Dracula, more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler. However, the country offers much more.

Romania consists of many regions that have developed separately throughout history. The reason was the variety of empires that occupied different regions of the country throughout the course of time. As a result, the ethnic composition of the country is varied. Travelers visiting Romania will thus encounter diverse traditions and rich culture. There are many festivals and special events taking place where elaborated costumes are worn, certain dishes are served, and much more.

Bucharest – The Stunning Capital

The capital, Bucharest, is a beautiful city with clear French influence on the architecture. The city has wide, radial boulevards and even its own Triumphal Arch – the Artcul de Triumf.  Another must-see structure is the Palace of the Parliament. It is the heaviest building in the world and the largest building in Europe (365 thousand sq. meters).

It is no coincidence that Bucharest was known as “Little Paris” before the socialist regime. The Calea Victoriei is full of typical French buildings and monuments that attract people from different ends of the world.

The Old Town is being restored slowly after Nicolae Ceausescu’s reign, while the Stavropoleos Church is one of the highlights of religious architecture in the city. It was built in the 18th century in Brancoveanu style with a combination of Romanian and Byzantine elements.


But Bucharest offers much more. The capital is full of beautiful parks, such as the Cismigiu Gardens, which were designed in the 19th century. If you are bookworm, you will definitely appreciate the Carturesti Carusel, one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world. It has more than 10,000 books, 5,000 albums and much more.

The Beauty of the Carpathian Mountains

All nature lovers visiting Romania can be ready for picturesque landscape and stunning mountains. Compared to the Alps, mountain tourism in the Carpathians is still in the infant stages. But the potential is huge. There are attempts in progress to restore historic huts in the mountains. Some of the most beautiful ones are in and around Paltinis, which is the highest mountain resort in Romania.

Another highlight of the mountains are encounters with brown bears. However, as noted by mountain guides, these bears are not dangerous, as brown bears are not interested in humans. People would have to provoke them intensively for them to become dangerous. The country is also home to Europe’s largest mammal – the European bison.


Danube Delta, the Largest Reed Zone Worldwide

Above the trees, fishermen in rowboats inspect their creaks. On the water, there are cormorant cockroaches, on the mainland, deer, and then over a hundred pelicans at a distance of 30 meters on Uzlina Lake. This is Romania’s Danube delta, home of half of the European population of Pink Pelicans.

This place is very confusing, but at the same time, beautiful. It is a treasury for ornithologists, as 331 bird species occur in the delta and 174 of them breed here. A sailor from Constanta organizes pontoon boat tours in this puzzle of biotopes, reed beds, lakes, etc.

However, Romania is home to more than just beautiful nature, cities and castles. It also has “the world’s best driving road”, as labelled by Jeremy Clarkson. He meant the Transfagarasan highway. It was created by the Ceausescu regime, who wanted to ensure a fast escape route in the event of a Soviet invasion.


Moreover, it is the birthplace of Francesco Illy, creator of the Italian coffee company Illy. The country also has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and possesses beautiful churches, such as the Voroneț Monastery and the wooden churches of Maramureş.

There are countless reasons why you should visit Romania and Covinnus Travel can help you make the most of your holiday here: from the bloody legend of Dracula to mysterious medieval castles and churches, from the picturesque and remote villages of Transylvania or Maramures to charming and cosmopolitan cities like Sibiu or Bucharest. Covinnus tours are not just standard programs. All the elements are carefully combined in a complete travel experience meant to give you a feeling of belonging to the visited places.

With Covinnus Travel, you get to discover the undiscovered.  The main focus is on Romania Photo Tours, Slow Tours, adventure and bike programs and cultural holidays. Tours are operated in small groups, and thus, travelers get to experience more than in the typically rigid programs found with larger groups.


All in all, it seems natural that Romanians boast about their cultural heritage and the natural beauty of the land around them. It is a country worth visiting.

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