William Law - Jan 17, 2011

A Canadian village of Tofino is a popular tourism destination. People come there to enjoy the beautiful views, surf or watch whales. Even though the weather is not very pleasant, the destination manages to attract a lot of tourists.


Tofino is a village on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It is a popular tourism destination not only for Canadians. It is a little complicated to get to the village without one’s own car but one can also get there on a Greyhound coach. In spite of quite high prices, the hotels are often fully booked. Even a stay in one of the local camps can be rather expensive.

According to, Tofino used to be a fisher village. Now it has around 2000 inhabitants and its main source of income is tourism. The place is quite isolated and in summer it even has problems with water supply because the system was not designed to provide for so many tourists. Temperatures do not rise above 20 degrees of Celsius in the warmest months of summer. Nevertheless, winter temperatures rarely fall bellow zero. It is rainy and windy during winter. However, tourists arrive there all the time. They enjoy watching waves from comfortable warm rooms of local hotels.

Long Beach and other beaches not far from the village are popular destinations for surfers. Tourists can also go hiking on a three-kilometer Wild Pacific Trail which goes along the coast. Perhaps the most popular tourism activity is whale watching. Many tourists hire a boat and sail near the coast to look for the whales when the time is right. Another popular activity is kayaking on the sea. A kayak trip might take a tourist to the Meares Island where ancient cedar trees can be found. Some of them are almost thousand years old and definitely worth seeing.

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