Gregory Dolgos - May 17, 2023
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Italy is currently preparing for a tourist rush in the summer. After three years of restrictions due to Corona pandemic, an enormous increase in tourist bookings is expected in Italy. According to the forecasts of the Demoskopika Institute, over 442 million nights will be spent. This corresponds to a growth of 12.2 percent compared to 2022 and represents the highest number ever. Regarding tourist arrivals, almost 127 million could be registered – the third highest figure ever after 2019 (131 million) and 2018 (128 million). The growth in tourism spending is having a significant impact, with a projected increase of 22.8% compared to 2022. This could result in almost reaching 89 billion euros in absolute terms.

Around 61 million foreigners expected

According to estimates, Italy's tourism industry may see signs of foreign tourism recovery in 2023, with nearly 61 million foreign tourists. As a result, all Italian regions expect a positive trend in tourist flows this year.

Italy is currently making preparations for the anticipated tourist rush. Some cities and regions have already implemented strategies, while others are still planning for the expected influx of visitors in the coming months.

Venice: For the 2023 summer vacation, tourists in Venice should pay a 3 euros entrance fee

Initially, a plan was to charge tourists three euros for admission to the city starting from July 1, 2020. However, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus and the unprecedented restrictions that followed, tourism collapsed, and the plan was postponed. The second launch, scheduled for January 2023, did not occur either. The entrance fee for the 2023 summer season would be good for the city.

Lake Como: Municipalities and towns want to restrict coaches for summer holidays in 2023

After a violent start to the season at Easter on Lake Como – a few weeks ago, northern Italy's town was almost overrun by tourists – they want to do better in the summer.

Taking extreme measures to restrict or reduce heavy traffic is crucial, particularly for large vehicles like coaches, trucks, and semi-trailers.

Ban on cars and mopeds on Lampedusa – access restrictions planned for beaches in Sardinia

The government of the island of Lampedusa is planning major cuts for tourists and visitors. Between July and the beginning of September 2023, it will be forbidden to come to the island by car or moped for 40 days. The ban applies to anyone who does not live on the island. "There are about 6700 inhabitants, and last year we had more than 200,000 arrivals, so we have prepared appropriate measures to manage the flows," said Mayor Filippo Mannino. Although this is not planned in Sardinia, beach access restrictions will likely apply.

The fishing village of Portofino prohibits standing; South Tyrol limits the number of tourist beds

Also in Liguria, more precisely in the small village of Portofino with 400 inhabitants, people are preparing for an enormous rush of holidaymakers. Because of the village's popularity, it is overcrowded during the holidays. Even before Easter, Mayor Matteo Viacava had issued the "Ordinance on the Regulation of Tourist Flows." Stopping in Portofino in wild places marked as red zones are forbidden.

Like Lake Como, the South Tyrol region is preparing for an enormous rush of holidaymakers in the summer of 2023. Last year, tourist beds in South Tyrol were limited. Currently, there are plans to reduce car traffic in Bolzano.

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