Ashley Nault - Sep 4, 2017
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Social networks are very important for most industries, but this is especially true in the case of tourism marketing in Spain and elsewhere.

The tourism industry is among the sectors responsible for the largest flows of capital within the Spanish economy. Based on the latest data, in Barcelona, the tourism sector is responsible for 25% of the city's GDP, which is proof that tourism is one of the most important industries in Spain.

In order for Spain to take full advantage of the attractiveness of its tourism industry, it would be advisable to make full use of one of the most effective technologies currently being exploited by the tourism marketing industry: social networks.

The Importance of Social Networks

Social networks are essential for marketing strategies in the tourism sector. More and more people are selecting their destinations based on the opinions shared through social networks. Large companies have become fully aware of this fact and as a result, are constantly attempting to increase their presence online in order to try to convince potential tourists of the value of their products and destinations. When creating tourism marketing strategies, it should not be forgotten that these social networks are great allies.

Tourism Marketing via Smartphones

For many people searching for information about a particular destination, smartphones have now replaced computers. This is also something that large companies have become fully aware of, as evidenced by Rating, for example, a company specializing in rafting in Valencia. These types of companies know that a large part of their clientele will be contracting their services online, and more specifically via their smartphones.

For this reason, in order to increase their customer base, these companies have adapted their entire business to meet the demands of mobile users in order to make it easier for people to find and contract their services.

The growth of tourism marketing via mobile technology is in full swing. Although it may appear to have already been fully exploited, this is not the case – there is still a great potential for growth. As a result, new entrepreneurs are focusing their efforts on this route into what is essentially an increasingly competitive market.

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New Technologies to Enhance the Marketing Strategies

New technologies are constantly evolving and a good marketing strategy should follow suit. Marketing should adapt itself to the evolution of technology so as not to be left behind. For instance, a website offering last-minute cruise ship deals – a smart company will adapt to the times by providing its clients with the very latest offerings as well as with complete information regarding them.

It is quite clear that if the tourism business does not adapt itself to new technologies, it will be left behind and the potential clients will go to the competition.

A complicated website is a common mistake of companies in the tourism sector. Tourists will not stick around long enough to decipher the site, instead, they will go in search of a simpler alternative. One easy way to ensure your website is sleek, professional, and user-friendly is to resize images online. A photo resizer tool is designed to make size adjustments for you in a few taps without ever sacrificing your image’s resolution quality.

Online Investment Pays Off

Sometimes a marketing strategy cannot be achieved by a single person alone but will require the assistance of other professionals. To be at the top of the game, companies need to invest, and if the offer a well-positioned and high-quality product, they will not have to wait long to reap the rewards of the investment.

There are companies dedicated to doing all of the hard work required to optimize the product's placement. Technology is constantly evolving and the projects should, therefore, evolve at the same rate. GPS apps are offering an ever-increasing amount of information. The more information the company provides to Google, the more information will show up on these GPS maps. And this type of work cannot be done alone; oftentimes it will be necessary to seek assistance from professionals who will ensure the company's visibility on the greatest possible number of websites.

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Video Marketing Is an Excellent Ally

Opting for video marketing can sometimes be a great alternative strategy. It has been demonstrated that a high-quality video is capable of influencing a tourist to select one destination over another. To get the most out of video marketing, it is important to make high-quality videos. These videos must show the beauty and qualities of a particular destination and must serve as a powerful visual stimulus in order to attract tourists and get them to use the promoted services.

By combining these techniques, companies will significantly increase their odds of succeeding in the tourism sector.

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