Pat Hyland - Feb 13, 2017
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Last year was very positive for tourism in Tuscany. The number of visitors grew by 3%, consolidating last year’s growth of 2.9%. This positive trend was mainly driven by foreign tourists (+3.5%), but even Italians showed an increase of 2.5% in terms of domestic tourism in Tuscany.

“Tuscany was confirmed as a highly attractive travel destination. This is mainly due to the constant growth of Florence, but also because of the strong appeal of our environment, nature as well as food and wine. In 2017 we expect further increase in arrivals in the region of 4%, in line with 2016,” Alberto Peruzzini, Director of Tourism Promotion in Tuscany, said.

Last year ended well, with a new record of tourists in the region. For the first time the number exceeded 90 million, including both those who spent their Tuscan holiday in an official accommodation or hotel and those who were accommodated in non-commercial structures, primarily houses.

A new promotion campaign including locals presents small towns and attractions of the region. According to the estimates of the Tuscany Tourist Board, the number of visitors is expected to increase in 2017 by an additional 3%. An increase in visitor numbers from North America of about 4-5% is expected, as well as from Europe (+3.5-4.5%).

Organized tours from developing countries outside Europe are also expected to rise, particularly those arriving from the Far East (+8%). These figures submitted by Alberto Peruzzini, show that in terms of Europe as well as internationally, Tuscany is one of the most popular destinations in the world especially for culture lovers looking for slow experience.


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