Jul 17, 2023
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In May, the tourism industry in São Paulo generated an average of BRL 54 million per day, 11.6% higher than in April and 71% higher than in May 2022. Despite no major holidays in the period, the industry was boosted by corporate tourism, which is a crucial feature of São Paulo.

The Monthly Tourism Activity Index (IMAT), calculated by the Federation of Trade in Goods, Services, and Tourism of the State of São Paulo (FecomercioSP) in partnership with the Tourism and Events Observatory of SPTuris, declined 6.9% in April. However, it has now shown a positive variation of 2.9%, which the Federation previously predicted.

Transport: There was a noticeable increase in passengers moving through air terminals from April to May in the region. The daily average rose from 160,000 to 163,000, a 24% increase compared to last year. However, road terminals experienced a monthly decrease of 7.2%, going from 38,000 to 35,000. Nevertheless, this is still 6% higher than the recorded amount in May 2022.

FecomercioSP has reported that although there has been a decrease in activity at bus terminals, it is not a significant decline. Instead, it is a continuation of the lower level of activity seen in recent months. This could be due to people opting for air travel, which is relatively cheaper. Therefore, consumers are choosing to travel through aviation.

Accommodation: The occupancy rates remained fairly consistent, at 64.9% in May, slightly higher than the previous month's rate of 64.3%. However, the occupancy rate has dropped from just over 70% compared to last year. Despite this decrease, the average daily rate has increased by R$200 over the past year. In May 2023, the average daily rate was R$657.80, indicating a rise in tourist demand in the city.

Employment: In the month, there was a slight increase of 0.2% in formal job positions. Currently, 416.2 thousand workers have formal or indirect tourism industry contracts. FecomericoSP explains that employment evolution is a reliable indicator of economic growth, as entrepreneurs tend to hire more in a promising environment.

Expectations for tourism in São Paulo in the coming months

In the upcoming months, the Federation foresees some outcomes fluctuations. This may be due to the impact of Corpus Christi in June, which could reduce activity. July is also typically slow in the business world because of school vacations.

FecomercioSP predicts an optimistic future for the sector in São Paulo. The country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has shown satisfactory development, with significant growth in agribusiness and services. Consequently, more business transactions are taking place, leading to an increase in events and trade shows held all year round in São Paulo.

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