Larry Brain - Feb 24, 2020

When travelers plan a trip, flight prices tend to tilt the scales of the budget to the point that sometimes people discard destinations simply because of the costs. Jordan is no longer one of those destinations now that it has gained popularity amongst the low-cost airlines.

The possibility of traveling to Jordan with low-cost airlines has not only increased the number of tourists arriving in the country but has transformed local tourism. Just a few years ago, tourism in Jordan was what is usually referred to as senior tourism, since the country was popular especially among elderly citizens who arrive to learn about culture, visit magnificent archaeological remains, and float on the surface of the Dead Sea. Today, many young travelers come as well to discover the Dead Sea and Petra, just to name two of the country’s must-see attractions.

The reason for this is the low-cost flights: Jordan is no longer a place for the elderly, but it became accessible even to backpackers and travelers on a low budget. It is also a destination with a magical atmosphere due to its rich history and archaeological remains which are unique in the world. The Dead Sea, despite its name, is a natural attraction like few others and it has also caught the attention of young people who now, being able to fly to the country cheaply with EasyJet, Ryanair, or LCC Transavia, opt traveling to Jordan to spend their holidays.

Ryanair is the low-cost company with the most routes to Jordan, 18 routes, with connecting flights to other places in the world, like Italy and Malta. For its part, easyJet only has 5 routes but with a noticeable number of passengers from the United Kingdom. The third competing low-cost airline is LCC Transavia which already has routes from Lyon and Amsterdam, and this year will add a new one from Paris.

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  1. Jordan is worth to visit! It is interesting country, cultural monuments, nature, friendly people, tasty cuisine, quite a good choice of accommodation, not bad roads.....
    However one point they should improve urgently - litters!

    Piotr Dąbrowski (Poland)

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