Daniel A. Tanner - Nov 7, 2006

Recent earthquake in Hawaii endangered the island"s number 1 industry: tourism. This year has not been kind for the destination. The Hawaiian government, so far, had to face flooding, sewage spills and now an earthquake. Pictures presented on TV and published in newspapers showed stranded tourists sleeping on the airport floors, damaged houses and roadways. Meanwhile, officials provided videos, showing beautiful beaches, and tourists surfing or playing with dolphins.


The question which local tourist officials are trying to answer is to what extent these incidents might affect the tourist sales. The experts seem to be quite optimistic; they do not predict any long term impact.



Hawaii has been one of the most favourite holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world. Some 7.5 million visitors come here every year. The annual income from tourism is estimated to be $12 billion. The fact that it is still very popular is easily explained. The Hawaiian officials take great care to maintain the superb quality of services from pleasant accommodation or well kept beaches to transport. For example, The Hawaiian Airlines are said to be one of the best, they offer high standard services .


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