Andrew J. Wein - Dec 12, 2021
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The autumn holidays in Germany have provided hotels, guesthouses and inns with well-filled houses in October. 43.3 million overnight stays by foreign and domestic guests in accommodation establishments represent an increase of 30.3 percent compared to the same month last year, as reported by the Federal Statistical Office.

However, overall overnight stays were still 5.1 percent lower than in October 2019, when the Corona crisis had not yet erupted.

The number of overnight stays by domestic guests rose by 24.2 percent to 38.6 million. It was even 1.8 percent higher than in October 2019. So, in Germany, there is still a strong trend towards domestic holidays. However, new setbacks are looming because of the fourth Corona wave and with the emergence of the Omicron variant.

The number of overnight stays by guests from abroad increased by 118.9 percent to 4.7 million in October. However, at 38.8 percent it still remained well below the pre-crisis level.

Hotels, inns, and guesthouses accounted for just under 60 percent of overnight stays in October. Holiday accommodation and similar places of accommodation accounted for nearly 23 percent of overnight stays, followed by other tourism-related accommodation at 11 percent and campsites at six percent. Compared to October of the pre-crisis year 2019, overnight stays at campsites increased by 28 percent and those at holiday accommodation by 8 percent.

In contrast, the number of overnight stays in hotels, inns and guesthouses fell by 11 percent. "Here, a corona-related shift can be assumed, as low-contact accommodation is easier to realize in campsites and in holiday accommodation than in other accommodation," the statisticians explained this trend.

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