Larry Brain - Oct 16, 2007

Botswana’s tourism industry is going to grow. The information is presented in the latest Tourism Satellite Accounting (TSA) report produced by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and commissioned by the Government of Botswana and the Botswana Tourism Board. It is expected that the industry will annually grow by some 5 %, which is faster than the world average growth (4.3 %).  Tourism is quite important for the country as it creates some 10% of its employment. The tourism also generates 16 % of non-mining GDP.



"Although this growth is positive and the country is one of the Africa"s most exciting travel destinations, it remains relatively unknown and is heavily dependent on intraregional tourists. Indeed, as far as long-haul markets are concerned, it is probably Africa"s best-kept secret" WTTC President Jean-Claude Baumgarten mentioned. Mr. Baumgarten claims that these forecasts show that, with the right policy framework, Botswana has the potential not only to expand rapidly but also to significantly broaden its tourism product base, appealing to much a wider range of tourist tastes and budgets.



Botswana"s Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism Kitso Mokaila has said that Botswana can no longer depend on its mining industry. The minister says that tourism industry will be made a priority for the country"s economy. “Travel & Tourism will contribute enormously to the country"s economy and we are committed to running a conscious campaign to publicize the strategic role and benefits of tourism in order to stimulate a more positive perception to the wider public" said Kitso Mokaila.



Mr. Baumgarten says Botswana is doing well in running its tourism industry. He also mentioned things that are worth improving and gave some advices. He claims it is advisable that Botswaneans devoted sufficient resources to tourism research and monitoring. They should also support technological innovation in the tourism sector.


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