Gregory Dolgos - Sep 11, 2017
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Tourism in Angola has a great potential according to the experts. However, the industry lacks sufficient investment in hotel infrastructure, food facilities, and technology.

Angola has a subsoil rich in minerals and water, a soil that is equally privileged, fauna, flora, seas and rivers. The economy is based on cattle, fishing, coffee, sisal, cotton, fruits, gas. Local experts point out that the country is in serious need of new technologies, transformative industries, qualified and dedicated workers to become self-sufficient.

Tourism in Angola boasts of beaches, desert, mountains, plains, good weather, and friendly people. The industry, which encompasses several sectors – all equally important – is as complex as others, if not more. However, Angola, despite all the improvements accomplished in several areas, is still running, more or less, on generators.

Critics point out that this fact has costs at several levels: atmospheric pollution with devastating effects, public health, economic dependence. It affects all industries, agriculture, livestock, fishing, construction, commerce – and naturally, tourism. Visitors looking for pristine wilderness avoid polluted areas.  

Tourism in Angola

There is no shortage of countries with all these traits and better infrastructures than the ones Angola has. The country still lacks sufficient amount of quality hotel facilities. Regarding local restaurants the situation is similar, even worse. Tourism stakeholders call for huge investments in the industry which is currently seriously underdeveloped.

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