Gary Diskin - May 28, 2008

The world is full of great places and wonderful attractions, yet we tend to see them only from the ground. There are some exceptions, notably being the fact that the Great Wall of China is visible from aircraft coming into Chinese airports, yet the area of tourism in the air is very often neglected. However, there is one sure thing: that touring areas of the world in a helicopter is not only unforgettable, yet also very comfortable.


Tours in places such as Alaska and British Colombia in Canada are run by extremely experienced pilots who are experts in getting the most out of each journey and using the elements to their advantage. It is true that touring in helicopters is not the cheapest method of tourism on the planet but it is sometimes worth splashing out a little more to enjoy a unique experience.


The vastness of the Alaskan glacier range is best appreciated from the air, especially when taking into account that some parts of Alaska are inaccessible by road or other means of transport. For example, tours around the Denali National Park usually take around 50 minutes and it is possible to see a lot more that from the ground. If luck is on the side of the pilot and his passengers, the occasional caribou, bear or moose can be spotted. The ice-fields of British Colombia offer much the same as Alaska does and that means a lot. Let’s not forget that the experience of flying in a helicopter is a unique experience in itself, even without the incredible views.


Hawaii has been described as heaven for helicopter and volcano lovers. Indeed, where and how else is it possible to get 500 metres away from molten lava? It is certainly impossible from the ground. Many of the volcanoes on view are active and sometimes situated nearby breathtaking waterfalls.


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